Corporate Profile

REX American Resources Corp., publicly traded since 1984 and on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: REX) since 1986, is one of the nation’s leaders in the ethanol industry.

Our majority-owned subsidiaries produce and sell ethanol, distillers grains and distillers corn oil. Our two majority-owned plants have the combined capacity to produce approximately 300 million gallons, while our four minority-owned operations have the combined capacity of approximately 430 million gallons, and also sell distillers grains and distillers corn oil.

We are working to preserve and protect the environment by lowering greenhouse gas emissions and striving for near net-zero status in our plants. REX subsidiary, One Earth Energy, is currently working with the University of Illinois on evaluating a carbon sequestration project. While still in the governmental approval stages, this project holds the potential for reducing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

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Ethanol Ownership


REX’s Current Effective Ownership Interest
One Earth Energy, LLC
NuGen Energy, LLC
Big River Resources, LLC:
Big River Resources W Burlington, LLC
Big River Resources Galva, LLC
Big River United Energy, LLC
Big River Resources Boyceville, LLC